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11 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Waste At Your Workplace


As cliche as it may sound, but everyone has a role to play in making our environment a cleaner place to live in. Even through seemingly simple acts, you can make a difference. In your workplace alone, there are a lot of things that can be done to help reduce waste. This article rounds up 11 of them — from stopping printing excessively to hiring a waste management consultant.

Avoid printing too much. Paper is one of the biggest sources of waste in workplaces. This is why reducing paper use will be an impactful move. One of the things you can do is to avoid printing excessively. If you have to print internal documents, print on the back of used papers. You can also intensify the use of digital documents like online memos and minutes of the meeting.

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Implement a recycling program to encourage your staff to reduce waste. For example, put recycling bins that can be used to sort paper, plastic, and other wastes and tie-up with a recycling center where you can donate your recyclables.

Initiate a compost program. Ask any waste management consultant and you’d probably hear starting a compost program as one measure you’d need to undertake if you want to boost your company’s sustainability. Compost made from organic waste materials can be used for your landscape or can be donated to local agricultural hubs.

Encourage the use of your own tumblers and reusable containers. Instead of using plastic bottles and disposable plates, cups, and utensils, you should promote the use of reusable containers and bottles.

Turn computers off. Many offices rely heavily on computers and other electronic devices. To save energy, make sure to turn these machines off after working hours. The same should be applied to your office lights.

Invest in energy-saving equipment. To reduce energy waste, you should also consider procuring equipment and machines that are energy-efficient. This move will also help you reduce energy bills and save your company money in the long run.

Set up an upcycle station. Put up a station where you can store old equipment and office supplies. Then, if any of your employees need some supply, you can browse through this station first before immediately buying his or her request.

Team up with suppliers for sustainable packaging. The packaging materials of the items you outsource from other suppliers also produce a significant amount of waste. To address this issue, work with your vendors on how you can make the packaging more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Get help from a waste management consultant. To ensure a cost-effective approach in your waste reduction efforts, it’s best to hire a waste management consultant This professional can help you assess your circumstances better and craft and implement the necessary solutions.

Establish a team dedicated to waste management. Because reducing waste should be a continuous endeavor, you should also put together a team whose focus is waste management. Centralizing your efforts to this team will make things easier to oversee and monitor.

Incentivize your employees. It’s no easy task to change workplace habits drastically. If you want to encourage your employees to participate in your recycling and composting programs, for example, you can offer incentives like monetary rewards or exclusive bonuses.

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