Monday, September 28

3 Custom Clearance Services That’ll Help in Hassle-free Import 

You filed for the clearance documents at the customs to the best of your knowledge. You made the payment. You thought that you got everything right. And then you waited for the parcel(s) to get cleared at the customs on time but it didn’t. If this happened to you and you wonder what went wrong, then this is just the right guide for you. Read through to find all the answers.

To begin with, the first and the most important thing that you didn’t do was to hire a custom broker. Instead, you tried to handle all the work by yourself. Just like you can’t operate without a licensed degree and medical knowledge and you need a doctor for it, just exactly the same you, you can’t get goods cleared at customs on your own. It’s the job of custom brokers to deal with all the formalities of importing goods. Wondering why? Well that’s because:

  • They know all the rules and regulations.
  • They know how to handle delays.
  • They can check the goods on your behalf.
  • They have agents to ensure there’s no miscommunication.

And above all, the elite firms like Clearit Canada offer the following services that you cannot arrange on your own. 

  1. They Generate The ITN/AES Number

While you might not even be aware of it, the ITN or International Transaction Number is required for legal foreign trade. Without one, your goods will not be allowed to cross the border. Otherwise an expensive service, Clearit gets it registered for you at just 127 Canadian dollars. 

  1. They Deal with Imports Arriving By All means of Transportation

You can’t be present everywhere, but they can. The Clearit Canadian customs clearance is available for air shipments, ocean shipments, as well as truck shipments arriving by road. In fact, they are available at all major and minor ports all across Canada. So, you don’t have to worry about the destination where your shipment will arrive, all that you have to do is register on the Clearit website and supply them with the commercial invoice. Your freight forwarder on the other hand is supposed to supply them with the:

  • Bill of lading
  • Package list
  • OGD certificate(s)

Once they have all the documents, they submit them to the customs department electronically.

  1. They Communicate Electronically

One of the biggest reasons that goods are delayed at customs is misplacement of documents. Clearit, thus, eliminates physical paperwork. Instead, they use electronic means – the EDI – to submit the documents for Clearance. This ensures that there is no miscommunication regarding the documents and the goods are cleared at customs without delay. 

Other than these 3 major services, clearit also offers 2 cookie services – listed below – that you should be aware of. 

  1. They assign a personal agent who handles your case. As a result, you are always updated with the entire process.
  2. They send their agents on the import site to physically check the consignment to make sure that it’s undamaged at the time of receiving.

All in all, these stunning services are what make Clearit worth your time and money. You can check their website – – for more details. 


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