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Choose The Right Choices for Remote Desktop Options

The Internet has simplified the lives of users around the world. Many tools allow you to do a host of important tasks. Such is the case with remote administration programs.With a remote administration program, it is no longer necessary for technical support to be strictly face-to-face, as these tools allow you to control devices that are miles away.

Today these programs offer much more. An example of this is the remote desktop tool which, although it is considered a remote administration software that allows controlling personal computers and servers, has also incorporated other functionalities that allow connection with smartphones and tablets.

Advantages of remote administration

The remote management offers several advantages for those working remotely and need to connect to multiple computers from one place. Some of those advantages are:

Reduce support time

Basically remote administration arose from the need for technology departments to connect to different computers and servers located miles away in a simple, organized way and with the best possible user experience.

  • This is how private VPNs and some corporate intranets that offered this service emerged . However, private VPNs have considerable limitations such as bandwidth management and the lack of practicality in their configuration for later use.
  • This is how the remote tool gained dominance over a large portion of the remote management market. With this program, those responsible for technical support no longer had to go to the place where the computer was located or take it to their workshop.
  • Remote assistance shortens the time to troubleshoot software or install one. As long as the operating system works properly and the computer does not have a hardware failure, remote assistance will help reduce support time.

It’s economic

Remote administration is much cheaper than any face-to-face assistance. You save costs related to the transfer of personnel and also the extra payment for your on-site assistance.

A license for a remote administration program also reduces costs for those who need to connect to different computers at the same time and from the same internet connection.

Support for multiple devices

Until recently remote management for mobile devices was impossible, but now, thanks to The remote tool, it is a reality. Not only can you provide support to personal computers or remote servers, you can also support users who have problems with their mobile devices.

  • And as in its desktop version, you will be able to send and receive important files and all from the same simple application that only requires user authentication and internet connection.
  • When looking at computer security breaches that have occurred over the years, there are a couple of details that stand out.
  • First, that many infractions occur due to social engineering and the failure of the human element.

The second thing that stands out is the failure of security controls when accessing network devices, servers, desktops, or databases remotely, whether access is through a website, application, or a direct connection of a person.One of the causes of this type of non-compliance is forgetting to change the default user names and passwords, using weak user names and passwords, and using insecure communication protocols.We are going to analyze here what a secure remote access consists of, how it works and its benefits.

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