Tuesday, August 3

Great Options For Selling Your Diamond Ring

It’s a question they’ve asked me countless times. The subject would be vast to deal with and we can talk about it for hours. You will surely have a thousand things to do and so we try to be brief. In short, we could summarize it this way. There are 2 types of diamonds:

Jewellery diamonds

We already know you are thinking. “When we bought a diamond and had it mounted on a ring to give it to my wife, they told me it would be a great investment”. Calm down tiger, let’s take it easy and you will soon have the full picture clear. As for investment diamonds, it is easy to understand that it is possible to have an economic return on the diamond. The word itself says so. So if you think that ‘I want to Sell my diamond ring then here are the options for you.

Although we do not personally make investments in this sector, because we do not consider it profitable and guaranteed enough, the investment diamond will give an economic return and it will be possible to have a result on the investment. Now, whether this economic return will be positive or negative depends on several factors. That’s right, very often diamonds are bought at a certain price and when you resell them, you get less money than what was spent.

  • When this happens we say it was the worst of investments. And there is a reason why this happens. It wasn’t an investment at all.
  • That diamond was bought badly (price higher than it’s worth) and is probably being sold just as badly (price lower than it’s worth).
  • A good investment is made especially when the asset is purchased. If the purchase price is too high, your eventual profit is already lost from the start.
  • Selling it well is not easy because the commissions that the intermediaries retain are usually high and burn a lot of money.
  • We do not want to touch on the topic of “scams” regarding diamonds in this article but it is clear that when money is moved it is always easy to fall into the trap of some outlawed society.
  • Finally, diamond certificates are often contested.

When you buy a diamond it is sold to you at a certain price due to its technical characteristics shown in its certification form.

  • Carat, clarity, color, cut is the four characteristics that influence the price of a diamond.
  • More often than you think, however, when you go to resell it, that data sheet is not recognized and the diamond will be required to be certified again.


Apart from the cost that you will have to incur for the new certification (that’s right, it’s always your responsibility), often one or more of those characteristics are interpreted differently by the gemologist who is doing the analysis of your stone. And it is enough that only one of those parameters is different, to bring down the value of your diamond.

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