Thursday, February 25

How Airlines can Benefit from the Use of Documents in XML Format?

Airline publication includes everything that supports the safe and legal operation of an airline and its aircraft. It is carried out through a set of industry-standard visual and informational structures driven by operational requirements to ensure the accessibility and usability of organized data. This is the reason OEMs and AMMs are the most rigorously structured airline documents delivered in XML format. It has to do with its level of information density and the complexity involved to support sophisticated aviation machinery. But, XML is not easy to maintain and manipulate, especially if end users do not understand the complexities of this format. But, there are reasons XML is used for delivering documentation. These include the following:

Manage Information

Aircraft are complex machines that consist of digital electronics, power systems, control systems, and mechanical technology. That is why manufacturers offer flight operations manuals in XML format and hire Sonovision technical publication services to manage their publications. Because of the vast supporting documentation for every component, AOM and AMM are huge and must be frequently revised in response to improvements, changes, upgrades, and technical information requirements. 

Manage Revisions and Ensure Faster Delivery of Documentation

Manufacturers of aircraft have technical importance and a legal responsibility to constantly offer aircraft operators the correct, valid documentation for their systems’ operation and maintenance. This makes sense as operators need accurate information to ensure aircraft safety is not compromised. That is why manufacturers have to revise their operation and technical manual information. This way, operators always use the most up-to-date documentation. Manual revisions can be cone 4-8 times every year in the aircraft’s first years of operation.

As complex documentation like the flight crew operating manual or AOM can run into the hundreds of pages when printed, manufacturers need a simpler solution to deliver this documentation on time. This is why they opt for the XML format of this documentation.

Offer Benefits to Various People in the Organization

XML technology can benefit technical authors and publishers by accelerating the editing process. It automates routine jobs and offers smart sharing of documents. For airline crew, the technology can deliver a good user experience and enable improved search, with functionality to highlight and annotate documents as well as allow for faster downloads. Finally, digital documents are accessible, flexible, and portable, eliminating the need for paper documents onboard. Also, it synchronizes document updates, offers revision-resilient annotations, and allows fast searches of documents including cross-document search. 

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