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Starting A Business In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country full of business opportunities because of its large population, diverse market, affordable labor cost, rapidly rising economy, and abundant natural resources. As a result, the number of foreign investors and foreign direct investment (FDI) continues to go up at a steady pace each year. For you to tap on these profitable business opportunities, you should open a company in Indonesia.

Below is your step by step guide on starting a business in Indonesia

Procedures For Starting A Business In Indonesia

To launch a limited liability company in Indonesia, at least two shareholders are necessary, and any of these two should be a resident. You will need a tax number (NPWP) and a working visa as a foreigner.

Secure The Registration Process

When you’re in doubt about dealing with the registration procedures, consider working with 3E Accounting Indonesia—a reputable company incorporation Indonesia provider. If you do not want to put up with all the paperwork on your own, you only need to give all the necessary documents to the agent. They will proceed with all procedures on your behalf.

Capital Requirements

You must also comply with the minimum capital requirements for foreign direct investment. Currently, the paid-up capital stands at IDR10 billion, with an increase in minimum paid-up capital of IDR 2.5 billion.

Documentary Requirements

To set up a limited liability company in Indonesia, you require the following licenses/documents:

  • A Deed of Incorporation authorized by a public lawyer. The board of directors, the commissioner, the board, and all the shareholders should be on the details.
  • Status of the PPMA’s legal entity by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • A letter of residency from the local district authority
  • A tax identification number (NPWP) and confirmation of a taxable entrepreneur (PKP)
  • A certificate of business registration (TDP) for integrated licensing services (BPPT)
  • A Ministry of Manpower workforce report and business welfare report

Be mindful to always report your taxes by the time you’ve launched your PT PTMA. Taxes are something that the officials in Indonesia keep a very close eye on. You must also know that health insurance is mandatory, and every company must report its investment activity.

Would You Like A Faster And More Reliable Way To Start Your Business In Indonesia?

Setting up a business in Indonesia can be a simple process. That is if our team of business registration agents in Indonesia oversees the processing of the documents. Contact us at 3E Accounting, Indonesia, for your registration concerns.

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