Wednesday, January 20


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 is indeed the big game-changer this year. Come to think about it, when the new year begins, after a month or so, the epidemic that started in Wuhan China altered into a pandemic. Over 1,325,725 are dead while 54,967,255 people are tested to be infected by the said virus.

For this reason, authorities are doing everything they can to control the over-wide spreading of the plague. The higher-ups implemented a home quarantine and strictly prohibits social gatherings to lessen the fatalities. 

There have been multiple alterations that were made in the cycle of life of each person worldwide. Since nobody can and are also afraid to go outside, all establishments were temporarily closed. All enterprises are included in the mass lockdown – from entertainment, malls, and parks. The only exception is the grocery shops or any shopping centers, considering this place is where people buy their everyday essentials. 

To other businesses that are briefly shut down, now resumes their operation through home-based work. Big thanks to the science and technology created by the experts, continuing workforces and homeschooling is now attainable, unlike the previous eons. 

The only problem is how will financial companies comply with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, also known as MiFID II, regulation of secure SMS messaging, and call monitoring. This legislative directive was established to help those investors protect their money and financial firms to maintain their transparency, trust, and services they offer to consumers.

Nevertheless, what does one do to remain fulfilling the requirements needed from their institution when there is a pandemic?

Find out the answers on the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage with all the thorough information regarding the helpful tips for effective communications monitoring during the COVID-19 plague:

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