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What does an SAP tester do?

Many organization implements SAP ERP, they help to manage business operations smoothly. SAP is all about testing the functionality of various SAP modules and need to ensure they perform based on the configuration. Many organization who are looking to reduce their cost runs operation using SAP packages. They allow customers to interact with the different database to run various applications with the help of a user-friendly GUI. SAP is divided into various modules to cover the functionality of the business operation in an organization.

Some common SAP modules include:

  • SAP material management
  • SAP Sales and distribution
  • SAP human resource
  • SAP financial accounting and controlling
  • SAP supply chain management
  • SAP plant management

Why need to hire an SAP tester?

SAP testing is all about testing the functionality of modules ensuring they perform as per the configuration. There are a few reasons why an organization needs to hire a Sap tester.

System validation – SAP testing completes end to end testing and validation of SAP modules in SAP ERP environment.

Cost and predictability – The testing helps to reduce the SAP development cost and improves predictability.

Compliance requirement – The testing ensures the Sap implementation meets new compliance requirements in a specific organization and all the modules work as expected.

Quality and revenue – SAP testing is output testing and it differs from conventional testing methods that are input-based. It ensures the quality of the SAP system and focuses on the revenue of an organization.

Integration – SAP testing is performed to test system integration between different modules and it tests various reports, data flows, GUI forms, and workflows.

New implementation and configuration change – There are various types of changes implemented in the Sap system and they need to meet new compliances in specific organizations and all the modules should work as per expected configuration.

Performance – They need to ensure the system can meet service level agreement and performs specific actions.

What are the job duties of an SAP tester?

An SAP tester is a system manual tester and they perform testing of system using SAP enterprise portal. Their primary duty involves evaluating specifications and designs, performing manual and automated testing, preparing and executing test strategies, identifying test scenarios, and creating data in SAP. To work in this role he needs to have a good understanding of SAP testing and development methods, SAP process, testing tools, and technologies. The main responsibility of a tester is to design test cases by testing the application. Here are given the job duties of an SAP tester:

  • Manage project initiation through closure
  • Implement and monitor the process of offshore testing
  • Submit input for weekly status reports
  • Publish KPI for offshore testing projects
  • Resource mobilization for projects
  • Offshore team management, mentoring, and coaching
  • Submit input for billing of effort
  • Responsible for authorizing test scripts ensuring the proper functionality of SAP system
  • Running, identifying, and troubleshooting scripts
  • Writing test plans and executing tests specifications
  • Testing system for the development and user access to SAP systems
  • Designing, implementing, and testing Sap functions in various systems
  • Assign the task of performing functional and system regression testing under the instruction of senior staff
  • Handle the responsibilities of developing system verification plan and testing user acceptance
  • Review test progress and update the status
  • Perform debugging and documented manual test cases
  • Perform the responsibilities of conducting regression testing, script management, and preparing test suites

How to become an SAP tester?

You need to possess technical and interpersonal skills to become an SAP tester. SAP is a leading provider of business software that specializes in an industry ERP solution. SAP tester enjoys great remuneration over other IT counterparts working in technologies like Java, .net, etc.


To become an SAP tester, the candidate must have college graduation. However, a post-graduate degree will improve the chance of getting a job fast. A degree in computer science or programming related program is essential for technical modules. SAP certification is necessary and very important. Functional modules need the candidate to know domain knowledge. You may opt for MBA finance, operations or sales, and marketing. It is suggested to have previous work experience in the related domain will give an extra edge. Business knowledge and industry knowledge will also help you get a job. You may join an IT consulting company as a junior tester. You can consider joining a firm that has SAP implemented and works as a trainee. The company will later sponsor your SAP certification and training.

What skills an SAP tester should possess?

To become an SAP tester you need to possess testing knowledge and functional knowledge of the module being tested. Few other skills you must possess includes:

  • In-depth knowledge about SAP testing practices, infrastructure processes, and SAP testing technologies
  • Great understanding of SAP testing tools, HP test management suite, and SAP automation test framework
  • Good understanding of SAP functional testing, designing test scenarios, and SAP testing lifecycle
  • Well versed in handling management tools, automation testing, and SAP modules
  • Extensive knowledge of automation test scripts and manual testing of SAP system
  • Great knowledge about VB scripting, ERP environment, and test automation scripts
  • Able to communicate effectively with excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills

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